The paper artworks I create are made of self-made dyed or bleached paper from various natural fibers like Kozo, Banana or Gampi fiber. The motif consists of inlays of handmade paper and/or different types of cotton or silk yarn. I call these delicate paper works ,CartaStaminea‘ (latin: carta - ,paper‘, stamineus - ,full of threads‘).

The motif is set with yarn following the drawn draft underneath the wet paper sheet. Finally the motif exists solely of yarn (and paper) inlays between two sheets of paper, it is inside the paper. These unique paper artworks are distinguished by their more or less transparent parts. The lines are yarn, and the filled areas are created by yarn strung together.

I developed this special technique beginning in 2007 and continue to explore this method today.

Work in progress: self-made paper from Banana fibres, inlays of yarn: CartaStaminea Technique