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Fine Artist and Muse

Interdisciplinary Art Consulting

Art Consulting




Fides Linien - Fine Artist


My artistic work focuses on our conceptions of 'female' and 'feminine' aesthetics, both natural and artificially created. For me, featuring women means giving women a voice.

I‘m especially interested in the female body as a projection of desires but also as mother, as life–giving individual, character and standards. Different female roles and varied appearance spectrums inspire my artwork.


In most of my colored graphic works, but also in the paper artworks in particular, I‘m concerned with fashion and design, implementation and concealment, the covering and decoration of the body; all these ideas are associated with identity and gender issues and constructs, as well as the sociocultural development of women in society.


Fides Linien - Muse


In consulting sessions, workshops or seminars I train and mentor in the fields of Art and Aesthetics, Fashion, (Self–) Marketing, socio–cultural matters, as well as interdisciplinary projects. 

I see myself as modern Muse: inspiring and motivating especially women and the next generation–encouraging them in their positive mindset, personal growth and fortitude. 

I believe in progress through creativity, multidisciplinarity, innovation, independence and sustainability. Mindfulness, open–mindedness, versatile interests and authenticity are key elements of my personality.




Born in Karl–Marx–Stadt (today Chemnitz), Germany


University–entrance Diploma in Fine Arts 

2003 - 2008

Studies of Fine Arts, Dresden University of Fine Arts, Germany


First artworks of Paper Art 'CartaStaminea‘

2008 - 2010

Apprenticeship in Visual Merchandising, ESCADA SE, Munich, Germany

2010 - 2012

Master Class Program, Dresden University of Fine Arts, Germany

2010 to 2020

Visual Merchandiser and Consultant for multinational luxury brands in the

Textile Retail Market (ESCADA, HERMÈS, Wolford), Germany

2018 to present

Director, The Xsabo Foundation, Corporate Social Responsibility activities, Uganda

2018 to present

Founder and Coordinator of the 'Fancy Pads' initiative; invention of biodegradable,

disposable sanitary pads 

2021 - 2022

Member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Hand Papermakers

and Paper Artists IAPMA e.V.


Certificate in Foundation Management,

German Academy for Foundations (Deutsche Stiftungsakademie - DSA)


2022 to present

President of the International Association of Hand Papermakers

and Paper Artists IAPMA e.V.

The artist works between Berlin, Dresden (Germany) and Kampala (Uganda)

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