Interdisciplinary Art Consulting

Interdisciplinary Art Consulting is based on the needs, talents and abilities of the client or organization I work with. At the outset, goals of the collaboration are formulated. The optimal path to the desired results is determined by the individual profile of the client and the goals being pursued.


Like in my artworks, the combination of theory and practice, tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and creativity as well as the exploration of new approaches are important elements of the learning process arising through my consulting projects. 


Structured, impact–oriented methods of work and continuous evaluation and monitoring during the implementation phase serve to ensure durable success. Where necessary, strategy and/or processes are improved upon or adjusted accordingly.


Clients can expect teamwork and absolute transparency in all the consulting assignments that I undertake. 


With my focus on sustainability, securing viability both now and in the future is clearly at the heart of my engagements.


Fancy Pads project

Fancy Pads

Art Consulting


The Fancy Pads


'Fancy Pads' are sanitary pads made from vegetable fibres.

But 'Fancy Pads' is more than that: The initiative about Menstrual Hygiene Management creates jobs to empower women in rural areas in Uganda, and the related self–help project supports girls to stop missing school during their menstrual period.


The 'Fancy Pads' initiative exists since 2018 and was founded by Fides Linien and The Xsabo Foundation.

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