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The focus of my artworks is on delicate paper artworks or unique prints. The paper artworks I create consist of self–made paper from various natural fibers with inlays of yarn and handmade paper, I call them 'CartaStaminea'.

In terms of content, my artworks focus on our conceptions of 'female' and 'feminine' aesthetics, both naturally and artificially created. For me, featuring women means giving women a voice.

I‘m especially interested in the female body as a projection of desires but also as mother, as life–giving individual, character and standards. Different female roles and varied appearance spectrums inspire my artwork.


In most of my colored graphic artworks, but also in the paper artworks in particular, I‘m concerned with fashion and design, concealment, the covering and decoration of the body; all these ideas are associated with identity and gender issues and constructs, as well as the sociocultural, contemporary development of women in society.


The Art of CartaStaminea



Paper Art

Modern Art



Hand Screenprint

Limited Editions

I use my self–made handmade papers to create unique works of art from different types of self–made paper and yarn. I call these delicate paper artworks 'CartaStaminea' (Latin: carta - paper, stamineus - full of threads):

The motif is set with yarn and paper inlays according to the drawn draft underneath the wet sheet of handmade paper, which is finally covered by another sheet of handmade paper on top of it.


Finally, the draft behind is removed and the motif consists solely of yarn and paper inlays between two sheets of paper. The motif is in the paper, the lines are yarn, and the filled areas are yarn strung together. Typical for those paper artworks are their more or less transparent parts. I developed this special technique beginning in 2007 and continue to explore this method today.

Unique Prints

Unique Prints

Hand screen print and wood print are techniques I prefer to use in artistic and experimental manner, instead of serigraph purpose only. All the prints I create, are one–of–a–kind hand prints or limited editions on different media, like prints on self–made paper, canvas or other textiles. 

A special artwork amongst my hand screen prints is 'Hijaba', which is an example for a unique screen print painting: through printing of many layers as several stencil prints, a multidimensional surface is created with a medium that usually appears rather one–dimensional and as a serigraph technique.

Mixed Media

Mixed Media

My Mixed Media artworks consist of different materials such as textiles, applications, beads, sequins, or tinsel, combined with various more or less classical artistic techniques or media. Color, texture, look and feel of the materials are assembled to three dimensional bas relief–like, hybrid artworks. 

After working in the global premium and high–end fashion segment for more than ten years I cultivated deeper interest in working also artistically with textiles through putting them into a new unexpected context.


Especially my textile artworks occur in the context of nowadays unsustainable fashion industry that puts a lot of energy into producing more and more new collections. Therefore, I see my artworks as a shout–out towards the fashion industry for a more mindful, sustainable resource–friendly handling of materials. 

Limited Editions

Limited Editions